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To create health of 3 sensory organs and a productive life
Everything for the patient
Responsibility as ENT specialty

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This content is been repaced by the block present at the end セオリアファーマは、
人の感覚器官である耳・ 鼻・のどをフィールドとした
「耳鼻咽喉科」 に特化した医薬品を取り扱っています。
噴霧技術( ネブライザー治療) を中核とした

focusing on 3 sensory organs = ENT

CEOLIA Pharma is a specialty pharma in ENT : Ear, Nose, Throat area. Among all the entrances to our body, ear, nose and throat have a vital role which allow us to enjoy a joyful approach.

Creating healthy senses and prosperous life style